Thursday, November 19, 2015

A List of Rugby News Sites, Blogs, Podcasts, etc relevant to the American Rugby Community

This list is not complete by any means, but I do consider it comprehensive enough for more than most people. If you think I left one off, submit your suggested link HERE!

Note: No Facebook pages or Twitter accounts are or will be listed here.

Rugby Organizations

World Rugby - The International Governing Body of Rugby Union
USA Rugby - National Governing Body of Rugby Union in the USA.
NACRA - The North American & Caribbean Rugby Association that promotes rugby in that geographic community.
USA Rugby South - USA Rugby's sanctioned, competitive sides in the NACRA competitions
PRO Rugby - The Professional Rugby Organization, a professional XVs competition in the USA sanctioned by USAR & World Rugby.
The NRFL - The National Rugby Football League, a professional XVs competition in the USA not sanctioned by USAR.
Pacific Rugby Premiership - A West Coast based Rugby Club Competition not sanctioned by USAR. (NOTE: Rcv'd breaking news & confirmation that PRP accepted USAR's sanctioning agreement!)
American Rugby Premiership - An East Coast based Rugby Club Competition sanctioned by USAR.
Varsity Cup - 16 top men's college teams in a knock-out style, invitational championship tournament.
Collegiate Rugby Championship 7s - multi-team 7s competitions of both genders in Philadelphia
D1A Rugby - USA Rugby's top collegiate men's rugby competition
NCWVRA - National Collegiate Women's Varsity Rugby Association - Eight (8) Women's Rugby Teams with Varsity status at their respective universities.
ACRA - American Collegiate Rugby Association - Women's College Rugby organization governing numerous conferences.
ACRC - American Collegiate Rugby Championship - Men's College Rugby organization promoting a championship-style bowl series produced by urugby.
NSCRO - National Small College Rugby Organization - Division 3 collegiate rugby (both genders) across the nation.
ARCA - American Rugby Coaches Association - Everything the American Rugby Coach needs to know.
USA Sevens - All about Las Vegas 7s and the LVI

USA-based Rugby News Sites

Americas Rugby News - Rugby News in the American Hemisphere
American Rugby News - Yahoo List-Serv sharing rugby news links daily.
DJ Coil Rugby - North American Rugby news with a USA slant
Goff  Rugby Report - Alex Goff's rugby news site covering college, high school, and national team news.
National Rugby Post - Greg Tanner's passion for rugby revealed.
Real-Time Rugby - Scores and Schedules across the nation.
Rugby Today - United World Sports' rugby news site covering rugby in the USA.
The Breakdown - Womens Rugby news by Jackie Finlan
The Rugby Corner - Dallen Stanford's collection of Rugby News
This Is American Rugby (network) - Curtis Reed's rugby news site covering rugby in the USA and regional affiliates
Your Scrumhalf Connection - Wendy Young's women's rugby site covering news, championships, videos, scores, & all things #wrugby both domestic and abroad.

Regional and State-based Rugby News and Information

Eastern Penn Rugby Union - All about rugby in Eastern Pennsylvania
Mid-Atlantic Rugby Calendar - Google Calendar of Rugby Events along the Eastern Seaboard.
Northwest Collegiate Conference - Men's Collegiate Rugby Conference in the Northwest.
Rugby in Florida - Everything about Rugby in Florida you need to know!

USA-based Rugby Blogs

American Rugby World - musing about rugby in America
Chicago Rucks - Stephanie Esposito's blog about Rugby in general and Rugby in Chicago
Gainline - Kurt Oeler's blog about the state of Rugby in America
Gifttime Rugby Network - Gift Egbelu's rugby news and opinion blog covering the south.
growrugby - Eric Taber's blog about how to grow rugby (no updates since 2013, but some good ideas therein)
Life Love Rugby - Rambling rugby thoughts with some Q&A's
Lineout Coach - Gavin Hickie's blog about coaching the technicals, tactics, and strategies of Rugby
Pro Rugby Scrum - Relatively new blog about Professional Rugby in America
Red White and Black Eye - Warren & Preston's PodCast out of Atlanta about all things rugby.
RuckBottom - My opinions and views about Rugby.
RugBiz - Promoting an informed discussion on the business of Rugby.
Rugby America - Ted Hardy's rugby news and opinion blog (taken offline)
Rugby Nation - Mike Alvarez's rugby blog about Rugby in America
RuggaMatrix America - Alex Goff, Pat Clifton and friends podcast about Rugby in America
Viral Rugby - Tosan Temitse curing the world's woes thru more rugby (mostly with really cool videos).

Rugby Forums of interest

r/USARugby - subreddit about USA Rugby
T2 Forum - All things T2/T3 Rugby
The Rugby Forum - All things rugby

Other Rugby News sites

BBC Rugby
ESPN Scrum
Last Word On Sports
NZ Herald Rugby
Planet Rugby
Rugby 365

Rugby Banter Page
Rugby Heaven
Scrum Queens